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i love that story. that is how fox reports on this friday august 2, 2013. i'm harris faulkner, we're back tomorrow night, at the same time for fox report weekend, but now, get your friday night rolling with the factor. the o'reilly factor is on, tonight. >> the president said he was going to bring every resource we have to identify and bring justice to the people responsible. can you name a single person who has been brought to justice because of benghazi? >> questions of a possible cover-up on benghazi, amid new reports that the cia was there the night of the attack. what did the government know and why all the secrets? we'll have a report. >> during his first 100 days, what has surprised you the most about this office, enchanted you the most, humbled you the most, troubled you the most.
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>> the factor is calling them out. >> this isn't journalism, this is idolatry. >> you won't believe what happened to one reporter. dana and i will analyze it. >> there's something here more than just the failure of the family or the fail yuure of an individual african-american to pursue a job. >> also tonight, tackling racism in america. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. >> thanks for watching us. new revelations about the benghazi attack. that's the subject of this evening's talking points memo. so fox news has learned.
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>> now some are being swim intimidated into staying silent. the officers have been forced to take lie detector tests to persuade them about what really went on that night. pretty odd, my opinion, the wrong people are getting the polygraphs. why not susan rice or hillary clinton, or the president
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himself. >> that's the memo, now for the top story. two different views on this. fox news's military analyst, author of the big new book, terror red. now before we talk about the cia, i want to address these emkbasz e embassy closings. . why do we tell everything about it. >> first of all, we get threats every day. on the hour where these embassies are now being closed. what's happening and this one is our agency's intelligence community, in collaboration with -- what we have done, though, is extend the ban on travel until the end of the
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month. so there is some concern, but there's also -- >> it's like the color scheme at the end of 911. as i said, you could have every embassy closed in the middle east every day based on threats. so sometimes, this has, from my view is about timing. so it's not that there are threats to our embassies. why do you have to close them at this length of time. and these specific embassies like cairo. >> so your're telling me a very
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good guy are w a close device, i think we're going to be going at them, getting into their oode of how they think. this tells me that we're not out there like we should penetrating these groups. >> i'm going to use that at the bar tonight. >> i'm a little embarrassed for my friend tony right now. certainly, i want to just ask one more question. why do we have these embassies, if we can't protect them. aren't they supposed to be just
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like an extension in the united states. >> basically since we have no confidence in protecting our people. >> a little bit embarrassing how the middle east policy has been going. this doesn't help. all i'm saying is there's a reason now, that the people i have talked to and there was a con fwluns of a lot of intelligence agencies agreeing that this was probably a good idea. >> i want to move on to this cia intimidation story. we have been told that this is a phoning any scandal. but if this is a phony scandal, could you imagine what a real one would be like?
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dave and i took special politics to get direct access, but you don't do that unless there's an issue. and the issue here clearly is they're trying to figure out if they're talking to the media. they're trying to get dirt on him. i took home a stapler i shouldn't have. that could be a fireable. >> it seems like the government is spending more time trying to act responsible than -- >> it's close to criminal intent here on the part of the
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administration and benghazi. the policy, to the lack of trying to help save our guys. a couple of things. the operators take a polygraph, signing these letters, while trying to write books. the agency -- the problem is congress is not forcing them to put the state department -- >> next on the rundown, one big smooch, a scathing report reveals new details about the "new york times" and president obama. it will make your ears throw up. how responsible is president obama for the very high rate of unemployment among african-americans. we're coming right back with
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that's a difference relationship that the bush white house had with the so-called paper of record. joining me now, my co-host on some show, i have never heard of it. and dana, the white house press secretary under george w. bush. >> i also have a dog. >> i had no idea. by the way, a great job on the 5. great show today, you were missing something. >> yes, my little friend. >> when you view the relationship between primarily the "new york times" with president obama, the -- >> if you think just two months ago, the media was furious that the administration would dare investigate a reporter that was doing who job. in case the media was so mad, that the "new york times" wrote a scathing article about it.
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they just ask them all sorts of nice things. it kind of read like the conversations i imagine they have. but it's actually on tape. >> i just think it's beautiful to keep a relationship so fresh for so long. they can just spice it up every year. it's a beautiful marriage. >> they could write a self help book on how to stay married. >> what was his name, robert putnam? an amazing moment between the press and the president. >> it probably says more about me than it does about them. the reporter says you know, robert put familinam.
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president obama says, well, yes, bob and i are very close. as if to say, i'm a little bit closer to the new york professor than you are. he went to harvard too. but he doesn't act or talk like these guys. i'm surprised at some of the questions that were asked, it seems that they were so afraid of president's obama's notorious thin skin for bad news coverage. ine tabably, the president would say, it wasn't as bad as i said it was going to be. >> i think it's really hard for today's journalists to ask president obama questions because they want so desperately for the media to like him. enda with them. re a personal
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>> remember they told him just the other day that he had great ideas. when president obama goes to talk to the democrats on capitol hill, he actually complains about the liberal left wing media at "the huffington post," they don't like larry summers. and the democrat on democrat violence is very interesting. but even when he gets great coverage, still, it's not good enough for them. >> he's a perfectionist. >> well, i think this is the bigger point. liberal is supposed to mean open minded. when you read the "new york times" on saturday and sunday, i come away much more informed, and completely furious. made fun of people who might have a gun, exercising their second amendment rights.
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they actually are so mean to the rest of america, and they don't even realize it. they think we're the mean ones. >> speaking of mean -- >> this guy was fired over a headline yesterday of an editorial that was highly critical of president obama's new jobs plan. the title was take your jobs plan and shove it, mr. president, your policies have harled chattanooga enough. h. >> when i first heard about this, it's such an major reaction to fire him. what he was trying to do is get people to read. that's what you want in a good headline writer. but i'm surprised, but as a former magazine editor, and you actually thought that because he had no followed procedures, that he should get fired.
5:17 pm
can you get. >> i think he was playing off a song. >> right. >> i bet you his boss didn't know the song. he was completely angry about it. it's not really a mean -- it's a joke. and the -- now we have to say they have a procedure, it's an overreaction. >> or maybe they meant to say you're fired up for the weekend. who knows, dana. >> that was fantastic. dana, as always, a pleasure. we would like you to vote in the bill o' . thank god you don't do that. do you foresee as emerging to lead the republican party.
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rand paul, chris christie, marco rubio. directly ahead, excuses, excuses, how some of the famous and infamous are trying to rationalize their terrible behavior.
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in the personal story segment tonight, the addiction excuse. the monster who raped, tortured, tormented and enslaved three women in ohio, he became the victim in front of his own victims. it was his own addiction to sex that made him do it. he's not a monster, he's just
5:22 pm
sick. how can you blame him? we live in a society that's -- cry about past abuse and present addiction. but i would happily agree that he is sick, if he would only accept my remedy, it would be a one-time injection of lead to the brain. >> i think you're right, i think it's overused, i think especially in courts, because lawyers have figured out, that if they present this sort of evidence, they prove out that judges are more lenient, and in this particular case, throwing around porn addiction or sex addiction. which by the way, doesn't really exist.
5:23 pm
it wasn't included in the latest dsm, resulted in him possibly not getting the death penalty. >> i can't blame him because you see this victim status everywhere. when did it suddenly become okay to use amore fis disorders. anybody who does anything wrong is a victim. >> i'm going to go away for two weeks and then we're going to move on. there's no personal -- >> the other side of this coin is that as a society, a
5:24 pm
contemporary society we are supposed to empathize with everyone. so it's actually our fault if we don't forgive the monster. what's wrong with us? >> i think, look, i think there is a fine line between addiction and things we should forgive and things that we should take into account. i don't know that we should forgot, greg. and i don't know that it becomes the be-all, tell-all excuse for bad behavior. i think that if you're dealing in the case of aerial castro, you're dealing with one situation that maybe you don't get the death penalty. . >> we take part in that. >> how do you distinguish between a real addiction and a fake addiction. >> yeah, it's a great question, and that's part of the issue, right?
5:25 pm
sexual addiction doesn't really exist. but if somebody comes into my office as a patient, i will say, look, that doesn't really exist, we need to look at depression, and we need to look at these other things and you need to take responsibility. but they'll walk down five blocks and get another mental professional who will agree with it. they'll spend money to try to get a defense or to get it fixed. and part of the issue is there's so much science out there, greg, people don't know how to sort through that in a good way. >> i was looking at castro's behavior. and he didn't -- >> well, look, i don't think
5:26 pm
rotting in jail or being in jail, contrary to some of the portrayals out there, it's not a great life. and especially where he's going from my perspective, it's not a great life. having said that, you know, i do think that it's a bad lot to have to go to prison the rest of your life, but in some senses, yes, he does get some of the comforts that a lot of people don't have. so i get the other side of that. >> what do you think would be a proper punishment? >> number two, i tend to worry h les about that in life and say how do i catch the next aerial castro. >> all i think about are
5:27 pm
punishments. if i control the prison, i would hire the best plastic surgeons in the word. i would remake aerial castro as a beautiful woman. and then i would put him in the general population at san quentin. this is why i'm not allowed to run prisons. >> that's pretty creative, greg. >> i think about it a lot. plenty more ahead as the factor moves in this evening. then the word police out in force in seattle. if you go there, don't even think of saying the word citizen. no lie. some are saying that it's hurtful. please shoot me. we hope you stay tuned for those reports. i hope you have cameras in all your homes.
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and the first factor of flash back segment, the unemployment rate stands at
5:31 pm
12.15%. recently the founder of black entertainment television said this. >> this country could never tolerate white unemployment at 14 or 15%. no one would say in office at 14% or 15% unemployment in this nation. we had that double unemployment for over 50 years. >> bill asked him about president obama's popularity, among african-americans. >> so, here's what i don't understand. 93% of african-americans voted for president obama last no. ev
5:32 pm
even. >> it doesn't turn out that way. >> are you saying that the african-american community en masse is living on hope. >> african-american employment has been double that of white for over 50 years. >> let me give you the stats. in the year 2000, when president bush was elected for the first term, black unemployment was below 8%. it went up a little bit and then it went down again.
5:33 pm
>> the president took office when i was 14%. and it's risen to 15%. let me ask you this. i believe that the primary problem in the african-american community is out of wedlock birth, 71%. and that drives poverty. it makes educating kids harder because they're not supervised if they don't have a dad in the home many times. am i wrong on that? >> i think you're wrong in saying it's the primary driver of african-american unemployment, i think it's one of the social factors that african-americans face. to me the principal drivers are the failure of corporate america to hire enough african-americans that are qualified. failure of african-americans to get access to small businesses which is a great engine for creating employment. and also a legacy of long-term
5:34 pm
institutionalize institutionalized. the wealth gap is -- in addition african-american median income is 1/10th that of white americans. and when you add all of the dislocations in the economy, not all of them caused in any way by the recession, but a big part of them. global composition and other things in terms of u.s. manufacturing and business. african-americans are usually the last hired and the first fired. >> do you think it's a skin color issue rather than a performance jewish? >> i've been convinced all my life. i've been in business all my life, i've been quite successful as you might know. i will tell you this, there are millions of african-americans who have the talent, the work ethic, the integrity, the ingenuity to be successful in jobs or in business. but you have to admit, that any
5:35 pm
time you have a situation for 50 years, dating back to the civil rights movement, when african-americans are -- housing and election was enacted, we spent more on education than any time in african-american history. there's something more than the african-american to hold a job. it's the question of race discrimination still lingers on. >> you're on skin color, and i can't say yes or no, but i can tell you this, you and i are kind of contemporaries, we started off in the media at the same time. they want them, qualified african-americans, they're looking for them. i don't work in the other industries, i don't know whether there's institutional racism in
5:36 pm
the oil industry or the banking industry, i don't know. i really can't make definitive statement about it. but it's interesting your point of view and that's why we want to have you on tonight. >> we would like to remind you to check out bill o'reilly's column. you can find it on bill o'rei y o'rile -- but first, forget the unanimous nanny state, now the white house -- it's more than just hunting... it's a way of life. celebrate it now at bass pro shops' fall hunting classic. our biggest show and sale of the year starts this
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. thanks for staying with us. in our brand-new you got to be kidding segment, three hot topics, beginning with that moronic rolling stone cover. with me in new york city, is mike gallagher. i guess we now know that sultry.
5:40 pm
>> if they want to read the article inside, they don't have to bye rolling stone magazine, hello, google, twitter, itself. i think this article in this magazine could have sold perhaps as many copies if they hadn't used the same photograph, it's just so offensive to all the victims and the victim's families. >> it fits -- could it be, mike, that the only people who bought this magazine were editors and reporters, reporting on the magazine. 60,000 people, that's essentially every editor and writer on both coasts. >> it's good news for rolling stone. this is the problem, this is the pitfall, when we get outraged on something that deserves to be outraged all we do is fan the fire and sell product for these people. i have learned to walk away, to ignore a story, they're like the little spoiled bra eed brat on
5:41 pm
playground who cries for attention. i talked to so many people who were so disappointed in that cover. >> i don't know what you're referring to. >> i'm sure you don't. >> no, not at all. in fact they sold twice which is actually really pathetic, it gets more views than that. rolling stone is on its way out. elliott bronston is the spokesman for the seattle office for civil rights. he doesn't want his colleagues to use offensive words like citizens or brown bag. >> i would like a definition of that means later. i didn't think anybody brings brown bags.
5:42 pm
they sell nice blue ones at target. if people are offended by words like this, we need to be consistencyive to people that are offensive. and i'm being serious about that. i know you think as a liberal, i'm too pc, perhaps you all have been just too white and too male for too long. >> there ought to be two brown bags, one more elliott and one for leslie to put over their heads in expressing such a mo moronic position. a member of my family who i'm no longer associated with who told me she was offended by a brown bag. or citizens, that's a real clincher right there. that gets right to the jugular, citizens, let's do people. that guy's nuts. >> you got to figure where it's
5:43 pm
coming from, seattle, you have the space needle, what is that for? there's no tear in space that you have to sew, what is is the space needle there for? next topic, i want to talk about is the federal government, it wants to create a behavioral insights team that will look for ways that will suddenly influence behavior. it's a way to nudge people to save more money for requirement among other things. mike, knowing the government, won't they nudge us for behaviors that knowingly give us more government. >> this is just what we need, everything that's wrong with the role of government in our lives is associated with this particular story. why doesn't the white house do less nudging, we don't need barack obama or joe biden nudgi nudging us in any way, shape or
5:44 pm
form. >> mike, you just said, black and blue. be careful, because that borders browning paper bags. but when you talk about -- i think you would love this, this is the government saying, look, we're going to teach you some personal responsibility. when i was very young, just a week old, after jim any carter was president, i remember that energy crisis. my parents always told me, shut off the light, shut off the water when you're brushing your teeth. it's good for us to be conditioned to better behavior and i think it's a good idea. it's a good program, that will actually benefit us. >> you know you will be nudged to combat things like global warming. they will never make value judgments, they will only make certain left ling -- leslie, you're just wanting to be nudged by the government, i'll show you
5:45 pm
what to do. >> 4rr9, don't forget about the insane bill o' summer sale, which has been a huge suck skesz. everything is marked down big-time. it's a great time to stock up on gifts. i just bought his new book, killing warm hengry harrison. it's about pneumonia. charlie wrangle compare the tea party to white crackers who fought deseg gag. right back with that in a right back with that in a moment.
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in the unresolved problems tonight. remember when congressman charlie wrangle said this two weeks ago? >> i think it's possible that
5:49 pm
the police got a black zimmer marine. the question would be whether they would have beat him to death and then threw handcuffs on him and dragged him through the -- >> in an -- wrangle talks about defeating the tea party, and is quoted this way. it is the same group we faced in the south with those white crackers and the dogs and the police. white crackers, it's not only redun still, no official statement from the office. he must hate short people. with me now, fox news analyst, it seems like this has been going on for a long i'm. it's got to work, right? >> tea party activists, and i'm
5:50 pm
a tea party activist. these are freedom loving americans who oppose the establishment, they oppose big government, and they stay spying on us. the irs intimidating us. that's what the tea party is all about. so how dare charlie wrangle make these kinds of statements. >> hoe's in been in office for
5:51 pm
how long? the jobs, the schools, the crime on the streets. he's only enriched himself with his own. >> i still don't understand the phrase, white cracker. it seems to be redundant, right? >> i'm outreach director. get active in grass roots. and hold these politicians accountable when they make these comments, it's not helping race relations. what he has said has done nothing for jobs in the black community. unemployment is 14% among blacks.
5:52 pm
i support school choice. there are a lot of black liberals who do not support cool choice. if you don't have a quality education. >> i went a couple of weeks ago in orlando, i tried to get an agenda. when i got there, greg, there was plenty of space available to set off a table. they don't want it to be a power
5:53 pm
to the black community. because that blows away theary ty that there's black racism in america. i would never say racism does not exist. talking about jim crow just recently at a raleigh. push back on these individuals and hold them accountable. >> you could argue that there are more racism in precome in factually black organizations than predominantly white organizations. >> when we come right back, american fathers, have they turned into wimps. that report moments away. ♪ alert.
5:54 pm
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and you'll only find it at a sleep number store. where right now our newest innovations are available with 48-month financing. sleep number. comfort individualized. in the back of the book segment tonight, a guy who knows a lot about fatherhood has five
5:56 pm
kids. >> so you got five kids in ten years. >> five kids, there might be more, i haven't talked to my wife in an hour after the third kid, people stop congratulating you. >> what's the best part about being a dad for you. >> dads are the vice president of the executive branch of the family, which surprised me. you know, the mom is the president, the mom is bill clinton feeling their pain. so we're al gore, the nerd telling them to turn off the lights. my wife has instituted this open door policy, where if one of our kids has a nightmare, they're welcome to come in our room and p pee in the bed. >> as ralph crandell put it --
5:57 pm
>> things have definitely changed, my dad, essentially just brought home the bacon. by that he didn't even shop for the bacon or bring it home and cook it. it's not that my generation of fathers didn't do anything, it's just that they didn't feel guilty. >> i'm bringing the flank steak home, and occasionally a lobster tail gets in the mix. >> with my books, i'm like with your kids. >> with my book, dad is fat, the title came from my now 7-year-old's and he showed it to me, and i put it up for adoption. >> as well you should. i wrote a column last week about
5:58 pm
my son's little league team, and we lost because they were hot. you know, they couldn't play. it's hot. >> right. >> you know, where's the air conditioning on the field. so it's a softer generation. and their expectations of dad are not the same. that they were. why do you think that so many parents these days put their kids on a pedestal, and they're almost adoring of the child, where again, post world war ii, '50s, '60s, those kids were there to do casts and shut up. now they're like little idols, and i don't know really what happened there. >> i think that every generation, we try to figure it out. they go all right, the baby should sleep on its stomach, the baby should sleep on its back. i mean we're trying to figure it out. all i have to do is good one for five, i've got a lot of pancakes to ruin. >> babies are a lot of work.
5:59 pm
i try and pitch in. i do diapers, i don't change them, but i go, you got to do this diaper. >> final question, you live in new york city, when you're not hobnobbing. >> god knows, we live in a two bedroom apartment. i thought it through, but it's not like we're setting a goal. it's just ended up that we're still in a two bedroom and my wife, whenever she has her an yul baby, that kind of steers the relocation off a little bit. >> so that you can afford to live out in the suburbs where i am. the book is dad is fat. two bedrooms, five kids. while we're pushing books, don't
6:00 pm
forget mine, "the joy of hate" each book comes with 330 page numbers. next is bill o'reilly, and don't forget, the spinning stops here because we're looking out for you. >> tonight, now is the single best time and best opportunity to defeat obama care. >> if the president's not going to implement the law, we're not going to fund it. >> welcome to groundhog day in the house of representatives. >> this law is not working, you would have to take republicans word for it. >> taking something

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